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Poetry Rocks!


Hello, umm… people; I mean earthlings!

Our class recently got involved with poetry, and we were instructed tp write at least five poems to develop into a poetry book!  I
wrote twelve, and I also wrote one a few days ago, but the book was already finished, and I definitely did not want to print it again, because it was a lot of work for everyone!  Two of my poems made it into a collection of my School District’s best poems by youth.  Today I am going to reveal all thirteen of those poems to you!  Well, here we go:


Bread… banana… kibble. Ahh
Food – a prized possession which I behold much too rarely.
I mesmerize myself in a realm of peanut butter,
completely ignoring my human’s calls to halt production of drool.
As I snap out of this trance, I notice it… the lone cucumber.
Scrambling towards it, I scratch a hole in the floor,
but I got to this treasure before my nasty humans picked it up.

Citrus… ugh! Humans suck!
Heh heh… you know I will bark while you sleep.
Soon, as every creature’s eyes shut, I drift back into my Heaven,
a place filled with food, dogs, food, beaches, and food.
Ahh… this is the dream… literally.



Parachutes of grey,
gently floating with the breeze,
freckling the forest.



Heart pumping, legs shaking
A sense of wooziness flows through my body.
“Let’s go!” people yell, and pressure pushes down
As I start, my nervousness releases into the air,
relaxing me, and allowing my acceleration to continue.
Just run, I think, as I sprint down the track,
ignoring everything in the world,
and only focusing on this moment.
Joy overwhelms me as I near the finish line,
the nearest racer a meter behind me.
However, I bolt through the end.
As I finish, I see someone with stickers
stickers of “1st”, walking towards me. Yes!



Cars cracked my walnut.
After gladly snatching it,
gliding through the sky,
I dropped my beloved nut.
My system floods with anger.



Joyful – a nice stroll on the beach
Lovely water greets me, as I swish around
I put on my goggles, take a deep breath…
Swimming joyfully
a dark feeling let me know
it would not last too long…

Thrashing – a salmon coiled in plastic
A bag over its head, trapped in six-pack packaging.
I hate litter!
The Earth has too many tons of it
A horrific feeling sets upon me I paddle towards it,
hoping to free the creature
from this make-shift straitjacket.

How could such a creature be imprisoned?
Strong feelings of hatred build up…
For my own species!

Pulling off the plastic bag,
I see its lugubrious face,
a pained look permanently sealed atop it.
I gently pull the plastic rings
out of his fragile, sleek body.

Swim freely, I think,
as he does, satisfied.
Only a billion fishes left to free.



The gun fires,
and we are off

Late start
A fellow competitor leads
with a lengthy meter.
Pumping my arms,
I start to gain on him

Over the hurdles
Adrenaline rushing
We’re tied

Final sprint
Win or lose
Inching ahead,
I burst through the finish line.
Seconds later, I pin the “1st” ribbon on my shirt.



A cage
imprisoning me
My life actions
were very pure
Where are my sins?

Barred, enveloped, enclosed
in this terrible cage
Only the flick of a human hand
can free me from this prison

Am I creature
or just a stone?
Loneliness pulsating
aching heavily.

Those huge flightless birds
laughing and pointing
Do they love me?



The phone call
that leaves us shocked
and quiet as mice
Tears in our eyes
Emotion erupts
but we stand as still as statues

We bow our heads
Biting our lips trying not to cry
Longing for one last encounter

If he suffered
this may be better for him
Hopefully he passed satisfied
with his family and accomplishments

Inevitable – everyone will pass
But do you feel fulfilled?
Are you happy with family?
That is all that matters.



6-0, 5-2, 40-15.
Make a huge finish
Bomb him with an ace
crush him with a winner
Serve and volley?

First serve
A huge flat one
clips the net and comes back
Second serve
deep breath…

A simple body serve
he reads it
rips a strong backhand to the corner
Comes to the net
After putting up a beautiful lob
I shake his hand



Fifteen seconds on the clock
Down by two points
Only a three can save us
from going into overtime

Will they anticipate the trick up my sleeve?
I cross the ball through my legs
Five seconds…

I deke their guard,
wobble off balance,
and release the ball
a moment before the buzzer.

The ball rose in the air,
forming a beautiful arch.

The crowd erupted into cheers
and teammates piled on me
for victory was ours



A content smolt
Did they need to disturb me?
A float was visible
a net imprisoning me
leads weighing it down
A feeling of uncertainty
clots my blood
leaving me pained

The journey up;
It’s a vacuum over the water
Waggling furiously
Can they be more cruel?
In we go
down the bucket
tough to breath,
since we share the air
Fingers jab at us
We cannot feel much worse

Ahh… freedom!
A sense of joy
flows through our pond
but although the beasts are gone
they will come back for our next of kin.



Meow! The lion’s call
Proudly prowling around us
Can you get meaner?
Scratching his grand litter box
Go to sleep, it’s five A.M.



Vast fears
that he’ll disappear
Attachment, bonding
Why isn’t he responding?
Finding a space
where troubles are put in place
is as easy as a thief with no trace

Scrolling through the mail
I decide not to bail
And although I may fail
I’ll stand tall from the gale

Taking one last glance
I thought, “He’s had his chance”
I was just too sweet… Ting!
“When should we meet?”
AHH! The only text that ain’t neat!
Chatting with thumbs is a bigger treat!

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