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May I Please Have Some Market Research Help?


Hello, earthlings! This year, on May 2nd, 2018, at our Young Entrepreneur Fair, I will be selling some cool coasters and phenomenal Perler Bead keychains.  But, I do need your help.  Market research, or surveys, will help me narrow down my product to a selection that fits my target customer.  If many people take just […]

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Death in Space: Zapped by Killer Computer


Howdy, ladies and gentlemen! In January, our class was working on writing a paragraph about the horrific seconds before dying strangely in outer space.  There are fifteen two-second scenarios in Thomas Lucas’ animated film, and I chose one to write about!  Below the text, you will see a photo of my choice of death (what […]

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Where I Live


So we meet again, earthlings!  I wouldn’t close this tab if I were you because the Comox Valley is truly beautiful.  Today I am going to be writing about the best destinations of the Comox Valley.  Some of them are spontaneous, and some are just very calm and peaceful.  I hope that this post inspires […]

My Winter Break


Hello again, fellow earthlings!  Nearly every child in school was jumping up and down on December 22nd, for the winter break was just around the corner.  Christmas, travelling, birthdays, guests – there is so much to get excited about!  Everyone has something different that they are looking forward to, but today I would like to […]

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A Harris Burdick Mystery: The Third-Floor Bedroom


      Hello, friends! Lately, my class has been learning about the amazing illustrations that Harris Burdick drew with charcoal.  We had a wide variety of pictures – fourteen in total, and in the end, I had chosen “The Third-Floor Bedroom”, though “Missing in Venice” and “Captain Tory” would have been my other choices. […]

Step into my Shoes; A Homeless Person’s Life


Greetings, bloggers! This year our teacher gave us an assignment; we had to respond to homelessness in a unique way.  I decided to write a story about how the man lost his job, and I also included a “Day in the Life” story.  I hope you enjoy yourself while reading it; I tried to incorporate […]

Christmas – from A to Z


Hello, bloggers!  Yes, it is that time of the year again.  You can nearly never sleep on Christmas Eve, so if you get out of bed to have a snack, take out your laptop and visit my blog, which will let you know what Christmas is all about.  To make this post more enjoyable, you […]

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