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"It's not the time to look for excuses." – Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal: A Very Hardworking Man



“Nadal won 6-3 6-3 6-4 against Anderson,” was a major rumor in New York around Sept. 10th, 2017.  It was true.  Rafael Nadala Spanish tennis player, born June 3rd 1986, had won his sixteenth grand slam title — that was amazing.  I have not watched one of his matches live, though I would love to do it one day!

The friendship between Roger Federer, arguably the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), and Nadal is one of the strongest in sports history.  My personal opinion is that Federer  is more talented, but Rafa has trained and worked harder to get where he is now, so that is why this post is about him.  Here are three successful learner traits:  industrious, compassionate, and collaborative, that he has demonstrated in his lifetime:

1.) Industrious

Rafael Nadal is definitely very industrious.  As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I think Nadal has worked very hard to get where he is.

Rafael plays tennis left-handed, but he is a right-handed person, though being ambidextrous obviously helps.  Introduced to tennis at the age of three, Nadal was trained by his uncle, Toni Nadal.  Toni trained Rafael for 27 years, until Carlos Moya took over in January 2017.  Moya has not changed the fact that Nadal is always very focused, even when he is practicing.  Some players don’t practice like they are playing in a professional tennis match.  No one plays as if your opponent has a championship point in a grand slam tournament, when you are training, but Nadal takes his practice more seriously than any other ATP player. So beware if you’re training with him 😉 .  Though Rafael is very good, and can beat anyone in the world, I think that there are many players that are more talented than Nadal, but Rafa is one of the most inspiring players, and he is the person many people would like to hear talk, because he can positively affect you to get up off your couch and do something – to be productive.

2.) Compassionate

Rafael Nadal is very competitive, but he always demonstrates great sportsmanship and he is never a sore winner or loser. Even after the toughest loss, he would find the best words to congratulate his opponent.  In 2012, Lukáš Rosol defeated Nadal in a pretty long match, and even after annoying him, Nadal kept himself together, knowing that lashing out will not result in anything good.

After opening his own tennis academy, he didn’t mind sharing his experience even with his rivals. He would invite them for a week or two to hit some balls to improve each other’s game. Roger Federer and Grigor Dimitrov are the latest examples as they also finish right behind him in the rankings, respectfully as number 2 and 3 in the world.

3.) Collaborative

Nadal had collaborated with Marc Lopez to win gold for his country in Men’s Tennis Doubles at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.  The King of Clay also collaborated with Roger Federer to win the first Laver Cup in Prague, Czech Republic, representing Europe against the world.  Once, Roger and Rafa were close to colliding with each other, but they collaborated in that very short amount of time, to figure out who would hit the ball.  In the end, Federer stepped away.


We can easily conclude that Rafael Nadal can inspire nearly anyone, even the very lazy people, to get outside and be active.  He is very hardworking, compassionate, and cooperative, and watching him play makes me want to go outside and hit some balls.

Here is a video of his best points.

Who inspires you?  An athlete?  A book character?  Someone else?  Let me know in the comment section.  Thanks, and I hope you liked this post.

Have a math-crammed day.


– Ivo N.

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1.) Tennis. I play tennis mostly with my Chilean coach, Julio, his pupil, Shervin, and another trainee, Luke. I am currently working on making my serve more consistent (which means that I am trying to get the ball in), and adding more topspin to trouble my opponent. When I play with my father, I play with a flatter shot, and I take more risks in the game.

2.) Travelling. I don’t trot around the globe when I am bored (as you can imagine), but I do love to travel. In June 2008, I came to Canada at the age of one (and ten months), from Bulgaria, a country in eastern Europe. (Как си? Добре?) I just asked you, “How are you? Good?”, in Bulgarian. I spoke my language the most in 2013, when I left with my mother and brother to Bulgaria on April 23rd. We passed through London, and got to Bulgaria on the 25th. I will spare the details until later, but I want you to know that I really, really enjoy travelling.

3.) Hanging out with friends. Sometimes, my friends, Tyler, Justin, Quinn, and I would meet at our school, then ride our bikes down to downtown Comox, where we would occasionally get an ice cream cone (instead, I get a bun from the supermarket). We would just talk at the park, then every so often go to someone’s house (out of us four, mind you) and play some video games, jump on Tyler’s trampoline, and hop into the pool during a storm (we did that once). There are surely more things that we have done when we got together.

4.) Reading.  I am currently reading “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief”, by Rick Riordan.  If you are thinking of spoiling the book for me, please clear those wicked thoughts out of your head.  Books that I have read previously of “The Lightning Thief” are… Matilda (by Roald Dahl), The Journey Back (by Priscilla Cummings), and Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer (by John Grisham). Don’t worry, I have read other books.  These books are from October 2017.

5.)  Crafts.  I am very fond of making many arts and crafts.  Last year (2016), we learned how to make a box (preferably with card).  I made a lot of them, in many different sizes.  In grade one, I learned how to make a snowflake out of paper (but coffee filters are much thinner and more convenient).  I decorated my whole room with the snowflakes.  Also, I really like collecting containers (for example, Tic Tac’s boxes can make a nice puppet, or… aluminum coffee cans can be decorated to be wastebaskets).  There are many crafts to make on a website called, http://krokotak.com/.  Printable crafts and step-by-step instructions can be found using this simple kids website (crafts that you have searched up now will probably not be on Krokotak a couple of months later).

That is all for today; I hope you liked this post, and I will write more in the near future.

I wish you a lovely day, I wish you a lovely day, I WISH YOU A LOVELY DAY… and a math-crammed tomorrow.

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