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Greetings, earthlings!

My name is Ivo, and I live in the Comox Valley of British Columbia, a province in Canada. Here is some information on five of my favourite things to do in my spare time:

1.) Tennis. I play tennis mostly with my Chilean coach, Julio, his pupil, Shervin, and another trainee, Luke. I am currently working on making my serve more consistent (which means that I am trying to get the ball in), and adding more topspin to trouble my opponent. When I play with my father, I play with a flatter shot, and I take more risks in the game.

2.) Travelling. I don’t trot around the globe when I am bored (as you can imagine), but I do love to travel. In June 2008, I came to Canada at the age of one (and ten months), from Bulgaria, a country in eastern Europe. (Как си? Добре?) I just asked you, “How are you? Good?”, in Bulgarian. I spoke my language the most in 2013, when I left with my mother and brother to Bulgaria on April 23rd. We passed through London, and got to Bulgaria on the 25th. I will spare the details until later, but I want you to know that I really, really enjoy travelling.

3.) Hanging out with friends. Sometimes, my friends, Tyler, Justin, Quinn, and I would meet at our school, then ride our bikes down to downtown Comox, where we would occasionally get an ice cream cone (instead, I get a bun from the supermarket). We would just talk at the park, then every so often go to someone’s house (out of us four, mind you) and play some video games, jump on Tyler’s trampoline, and hop into the pool during a storm (we did that once). There are surely more things that we have done when we got together.

4.) Reading.  I am currently reading “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief”, by Rick Riordan.  If you are thinking of spoiling the book for me, please clear those wicked thoughts out of your head.  Books that I have read previously of “The Lightning Thief” are… Matilda (by Roald Dahl), The Journey Back (by Priscilla Cummings), and Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer (by John Grisham). Don’t worry, I have read other books.  These books are from October 2017.

5.)  Crafts.  I am very fond of making many arts and crafts.  Last year (2016), we learned how to make a box (preferably with card).  I made a lot of them, in many different sizes.  In grade one, I learned how to make a snowflake out of paper (but coffee filters are much thinner and more convenient).  I decorated my whole room with the snowflakes.  Also, I really like collecting containers (for example, Tic Tac’s boxes can make a nice puppet, or… aluminum coffee cans can be decorated to be wastebaskets).  There are many crafts to make on a website called, http://krokotak.com/.  Printable crafts and step-by-step instructions can be found using this simple kids website (crafts that you have searched up now will probably not be on Krokotak a couple of months later).

That is all for today; I hope you liked this post, and I will write more in the near future.

I wish you a lovely day, I wish you a lovely day, I WISH YOU A LOVELY DAY… and a math-crammed tomorrow.

Ivo N.

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“All About Ivo”

  1. October 27th, 2017 at 2:48 am      Reply Trey Says:

    Hello Ivo,
    I see you like Tennis. I also like playing tennis and I go out with my brother and dad sometimes on the weekend. Earlier this afternoon, I saw you playing tennis. I yelled out hi but I don’t think you heard me. Sorry if I distracted you!
    Bye now,

    • October 30th, 2017 at 8:52 pm      Reply Ivo Says:

      Hi, Trey.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. You are the first to do so!

      When I play tennis, I have heard people calling my name. Usually I ignore it, or maybe sometimes wave back to them. What sports do you play?

      In case you have forgotten, this is my blog URL… http://ivozz20.edublogs.org/

      Have a lovely day,
      Ivo N.

  2. November 2nd, 2017 at 1:24 pm      Reply Dan Says:

    Hi, Ivo.
    I’m Dan from Mrs. Kriese’s class in Texas.
    How much Bulgarian can you speak? I could never even think about those fancy words and symbols. It just blows my mind.


    • November 2nd, 2017 at 4:43 pm      Reply Ivo Says:

      Hello, Dan.

      I am fluent in Bulgarian, but my English is better (I only speak the language at home, and when I go on vacation to Bulgaria). I have access to the Cyrillic Alphabet at home, on the laptop. Anyway, thank you for commenting on my blog. You are the second person to do so.

      If you would like to visit my blog, this is the URL: http://ivozz20.edublogs.org/

      Have a nice day.


  3. November 16th, 2017 at 5:47 pm      Reply Nathan Says:

    Hello, Ivo.

    I’ve played tennis before, and it was fun, I used to play it an hour a day with my dad and a friend.

    I’ve never been out of Canada, but I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii. If you wanted to go to any place in the world again or if you have never been there were would it be?

    My brother likes reading the Percy Jackson books too, and he almost has the whole entire series, or he has the entire series (I don’t know).
    I like reading 39 Clues or Big Nate — they’re both awesome books. Have you ever read them before?
    If you have, that’s awesome, but if you haven’t, then you should read them.

    I like making crafts too. Last year we made a coaster a the Campbell River museum, and it was a lot of fun.

    Have a great day.
    Sincerely, Nathan

    P.S. check out my blog at

    • November 17th, 2017 at 2:34 am      Reply Ivo Says:

      Hey there, Nathan.

      Playing tennis every day is a big commitment. Did you train tennis, and learn the technique, or do you play just for fun (like my clueless kicks in soccer)?

      Hawaii sounds like a great place to go on vacation, though I have only been to two states in the U.S.: Washington State and Oregon. If I had to choose one place to go to, it could be to Cairo (Egypt), or somewhere surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea (because I adore seafood).

      I am currently reading the third book in the Percy Jackson series: “The Titan’s Curse” (DO NOT SPOIL IT). It is very interesting so far, and I’m guessing the “39 Clues” books are too. I have not read them, but I have read all eight novels of the “Big Nate” series (I haven’t read all of the graphic novels, but the author, Lincoln Peirce, has many comics).

      I have never been to the Campbell River museum; my class in grade four went, but unfortunately, I was ill for the whole week and could not make it. Making coasters does sound fun — I hope one of our field trips this year are to the Campbell River museum.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting on my blog, and I hope you keep on reading the upcoming posts.

      Have a math-crammed day.
      Sincerely, Ivo N..

  4. November 16th, 2017 at 8:55 pm      Reply James Says:

    Hello, Ivo,

    I have played tennis like once or twice with my neighbor. I am not that good at it though. I have only gone out of Canada once, and that was to Disneyland. I have been to Toronto twice. I am reading a book called the “Trials of Apollo”.


    • November 18th, 2017 at 6:47 am      Reply Ivo Says:

      Hi, James.

      Thanks for visiting my blog! I would like to gather some more viewers in the future, so I hope you keep on reading.

      Since you have played tennis, how would you rate the sport, on a scale of one to best (with one being horrendous, and ten being great)? Even if you think you did terrible, it takes a lot of practice, like any other sport.

      Going to Disneyland sounds very cool. Did you have fun? What was your favourite ride or station?

      I would love to go to Toronto, but I have only been to two different provinces in Canada: British Columbia and Alberta. If I do visit Toronto, I would want to see the CN Tower, Casa Loma, High Park, and some more tourist attractions.

      There are two books in “The Trials of Apollo” series. Which one are you reading: “The Hidden Oracle” or “The Dark Prophecy”? I have not read any of the books in that particular series, but I have read the first two “Magnus Chase” books.

      Bub-bye, and have a math-crammed day.

      Ivo N.

      • December 5th, 2017 at 5:17 pm      Reply James Says:

        Hello again Ivo,
        I will definitely keep commenting and reading your posts. I think tennis is very fun to play but I am definitely not good at it. I had lots of fun but I was only 3 years old so I couldn’t go on many rides. When I went to Toronto, our place was right next to High Park. I have also been to Alberta 3 years ago. I am reading “The Hidden Oracle”. Have a great day, and keep on blogging!


  5. November 22nd, 2017 at 6:01 pm      Reply Connor Says:

    Hi, Ivo.

    I have only played tennis once or twice, and it’s really fun. I only have been out of the country two times because I go to Maui, Hawaii, with my family. I am reading a book called “Red Kayak”. Did you read that last year?

    Have a great day.
    Sincerely, Connor

    • November 28th, 2017 at 5:46 pm      Reply Ivo Says:

      Hey there, Connor.

      Thanks for visiting “Hotel Ivoblog”, and I hope that you come again.

      Going to Maui, Hawaii, sounds very fun, but I have only been to two states in the U.S.A.: Oregon and Washington State. Have you been to another state, other than Hawaii?

      I have read “Red Kayak”. Did you know that there is a sequel, “The Journey Back”? I read that this year, and I really like Priscilla Cummings’ books. Did you read “The Journey Back”? If not, I highly recommend it to you.

      Thanks again for commenting on my blog, and I hope you have a math-crammed day.

      Ivo N.

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