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A Harris Burdick Mystery: The Third-Floor Bedroom





Hello, friends!

Lately, my class has been learning about the amazing illustrations that Harris Burdick drew with charcoal.  We had a wide variety of pictures – fourteen in total, and in the end, I had chosen “The Third-Floor Bedroom”, though “Missing in Venice” and “Captain Tory” would have been my other choices.  I love the fact that every illustration leaves you wondering what will happen next.  We had to write one paragraph that will open a story; an introduction.  I hope you enjoy reading it, and I will tell you what happens, because it is quite funny!


Although the boy’s scream was muffled, the whole town sensed that something was wrong.  His father darted up his stairway getting to his child’s bedroom, and felt a winter breeze flow through the air, as fluid as a gentle wave.  He pounded on the door, hoping that the kid was not just testing his temper’s limits.  A jolt of shock shot down his back when he found the room empty.  Determined to find his son, he dashed down his stairs and into his car, only to discover that his tires had been slashed gruesomely.  The man cursed under his breath, because he couldn’t catch those scoundrels with a bicycle!  Unfortunately, it was his only choice, so he hopped on, now pondering how he could catch up.  He eventually thought of biking to the police station, where he would explain his situation. 

The poor child’s dad, who was quite active, got to the station smoothly in around fifteen minutes.  Since he notified an attentive policeman, the other officers got excited, because there was rarely any crime in this village.  Their investigations started soon after, and they traced fingerprints on the youngster’s nightstand.  But maybe the answer was held in the third floor bedroom… 

Now, if you would like to know what happens next, keep reading.  If not, scroll down, but the truth is humorous.  Are you ready?  The boy is hiding under the bed, just hoping to get attention.  I would say, “Poor father!”, but sometimes not everybody is happy in the end.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the story, and if you have any feedback, please leave a comment.

Thanks, and have a math-crammed day!

Ivo N.


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