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Death in Space: Zapped by Killer Computer


Howdy, ladies and gentlemen!

In January, our class was working on writing a paragraph about the horrific seconds before dying strangely in outer space.  There are fifteen two-second scenarios in Thomas Lucas’ animated film, and I chose one to write about!  Below the text, you will see a photo of my choice of death (what a strange sentence).  Here is my (hopefully) chilling story.


After Olga shakily clicked on the remote, she quickly came to her senses. Uh-oh… wrong button! Olga, who was normally confident with robots, now trembled with fear, her forehead beady with sweat. The robot’s pixelated colours rearranged themselves to form a cheeky smile. An enormous laser beam shot out from a tiny hole in the robot, seeking humans to zap. Her heart rate rapidly elevated, and a look of momentary shock covered her face, until she disintegrated into nothingness, very far from home. Olga’s blue-haired partner, Björn, witnessed this unusual death, and a terrified whimper was let out. Unfortunately for him, there was no time to mourn and grieve, for his final breath was one second away…

I hope that you enjoyed my paragraph, and if you want to check out the video, go to YouTu– wait!  It is right here!  Watch it if you want, but I must warn you – it is WEIRD.

Thanks, and have a math-crammed day.

Ivo N.

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Christmas – from A to Z


Merry Christmas 2016Creative Commons License

Hello, bloggers! 

Yes, it is that time of the year again.  You can nearly never sleep on Christmas Eve, so if you get out of bed to have a snack, take out your laptop and visit my blog, which will let you know what Christmas is all about.  To make this post more enjoyable, you could make yourself a mug of hot cocoa to sip while reading. 

Here is a list from A-Z about this lovely holiday.  If you have found some more interesting Christmas words, feel free to tell me about them in the comment section below.  Thanks, and happy reading!   

A: A is for snow angels, which a younger sibling might be making. 

B: B is for the board games that you might play with your family and friends. 

C: C is for your special Christmas cookies, which make your mouth water instantly, your taste buds getting very curious about the party in your nose. 

D: D is for December, the month of Christmas Day. 

E:  E is for some delicious egg nog, a frothy and yummy seasonal drink. 

F: F is for family and friends who you can spend your Christmas with. 

G: G is for the gifts that you will receive in the morning, after barely sleeping. 

H: H is for hot chocolate, which you might be sipping at the moment. 

I: I is for the icicles that form on your snowman’s carrot nose. 

J: J is for the joy that flows within you whenever Christmas is near. 

K: K is for Krampus, who haunts our Christmas Eve dreams. 

L: L is for Christmas lights, one of the biggest hassles of the holiday. 

M: It is always embarrassing to be a child and be below mistletoe, so beware 😜! 

N: N is for the New Year that always follows Christmas, every year. 

O: O is for the Christmas ornaments which you might be hanging on the tree very, very shortly.  Do you have any homemade decorations?   

P: P is for a friend’s Christmas party that you might attend this year. 

Q: Q is for the quiet time spent with your family.  Whether it’s playing a card game or watching a movie, you are surely not always talking! 

R: R is for relatives that might be willing to bake their own special recipe! 

S: S is for snow, which could be falling right… now.  Take a glance, and let me know: what      kind of weather do you have?  (I would want to have snow!) 

T: T is for the tea that you could be sipping in the car while travelling. 

U: U is for an ugly Christmas sweater; your eye will probably follow everybody else’s – they’ll be glaring at the strange sight.  

V: V is for the visits that neighbours, friends, or family may pay – hopefully they are carrying a batch of freshly baked cookies or other baked goods!    

W: W is for a wreath that you could hang on your door.  Look closely; what leaves does it use?  Does it have a ribbon?  If so, what colour is it? 

X: X is for a xylophone; I used to want one for X-Mas. 

Y: Y is for Yule, which is coming up very soon. 

Z: There is always a great amount of zeal on Christmas Day. 

Well, that is all twenty-six of them.  Thanks for reading, and I hope you want to keep on reading after this post.  Now, for the final song: (clearing throat) I wish you a merry Christmas, I wish you a merry Christmas, I WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS… and a math-crammed New Year!! 

Thanks again for reading. 


Ivo N. 

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The Moon


Moon Unit

Creative Commons License
WVTROUT via Compfight

The Moon

Shines in the sky,

reflections from the sun glistening.

The only light in the night,

it gleams with all its might.

Just glaring at it,

you feel mystery piling into your mind.

(Thank you, and I wish you a math-crammed tomorrow.)


Ivo N.

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